Strategic Planning and Marketing
for Organizational Growth

With over 20 years of accumulated
and implemented marketing knowledge.

Providing Practical Perspectives and Solutions

Our approach is built on the philosophy that no two organizations are alike.
We tailor our services to meet your specific needs taking into account your culture and resources.

Our Multi-Sector experience includes, but is not limited to:


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Non Profits

Professional Services

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Travel & Hospitality

Practical and integrated marketing solutions from experienced professionals.

Your Future Equals Our Success

Stutsman & Associates provides comprehensive marketing and strategic planning services to a wide range of sectors. Our goal is to connect organizations with their customers, thereby helping them to improve the overall customer experience and customer loyalty.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Stutsman & Associates aims to obtain improved outcomes through collaboration and decision-making, and to integrate subsequent change while partnering with other workgroups.

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